Mac Data Recovery is a specialist data recovery company in the UK providing data recovery services for Mac computers and devices. A data recovery specialist is a computer expert who in addition to strong computer skills, must have a very good understanding of electronics and mechanics. On top of that, a data recovery specialist must know how data is stored on a hard disk or digital media and how file systems such as NTFS, HFS or Ext2/Ext3 save data on a disk. They must have extensive knowledge of digital storage media such as RAID arrays, SSDs, hard drives, USB memory sticks, network attached storage (NAS) disks. A data recovery technician must also have the right tools and the right environment to be able to temporarily repair hard drives and create virtual images of them so that they can use it to recover and extract the data from it.

Mac Data Recovery technicians have been exclusively been trained by Data Recovery Lab to handle the most difficult data recovery cases. They have a solid background in computer science, electronics and programming enabling them to understand all the intricacies and subtleties of computers and data storage.

Our technicians can be trusted to handle the most difficult data recovery cases. We have succeeded in areas where others have failed. Our expertise in data recovery is used by many of our partners who work in the IT support industry and computer services sector.