Mac Data Recovery

We specialise in Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery offers data recovery services for desktop, laptop, notebook and Mac hard drives

With over 11 years solid experience in hard drive recovery, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality Mac data recovery available in London. We have extensive knowledge and experience to tackle hard drive data loss caused by power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, shock, sabotage, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidental damage or user error.

We can recover data in the following data loss situations:

  • The BIOS does not recognise the the hard drive.
  • The hard drive suffers from physical or electro-mechanical damage and makes a clicking or ticking noise
  • The hard drive is not detected by the computers after being dropped and makes a ticking or knocking sound or does not spin at all.
  • The hard drive is dead after a power failure or power surge, spike or lightning.
  • A “?” mark shows up at start-up and your Mac does not boot up.
  • Accidental deleted directories and/or files.
  • The hard disk corruption and data files and/or directories cannot be read or copied.
  • The hard drive been formatted and/or re-portioned.
  • The disk no longer recognized by the operating system and does not appear on the desktop
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