Imagine this: You have two more days to go until your big presentation. You’ve been awake all night working and you feel proud of the presentation you’ve created. So far, so good. But wait! Before you realise your worst nightmare happens: You spill coffee on your MacBook.

You suddenly become aware that you might just have lost all the precious work you have just produced! You frantically try to clean up and dry your Mac hoping it will turn on and you can salvage your presentation. Unfortunately your Mac does not turn on and you feel you are in serious trouble.

First of all, calm down and do not panic! Just pick up the phone and call 020 7516 1077 and get help before it is too late!

Our Mac data recovery specialists will be able to help. Data Recovery Lab have over 12 years experience in recovering data from Apple Mac computers and have performed countless successful Mac data recovery instances on all the latest Mac computers, including MacBooks and iMacs as well as other Mac devices listed below. We can do:

  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery
  • MacBook Air Data Recovery
  • Mac Pro Data Recovery
  • Mac Mini Data Recovery
  • iMac G3, G4 and G5 Data Recovery
  • iPhoto Data Recovery
  • iPad Data Recovery
  • Mac Formatted External Hard Drive Recovery